Kidney Smart: A Comprehensive Kidney Education Program

With Kidney Smart, you can empower your patients to better manage their health.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) education can help patients achieve their highest quality of life. Patients who receive CKD education from a Kidney Smart® class, versus patients that don't, before transitioning to end stage renal disease (ESRD) and dialysis have:1

  • 1.5x more planned starts on dialysis2
  • 2x more ideal accesses and 22 percent fewer CVCs in place or in use at the start of dialysis3
  • 1.5x more employed patients at the start of dialysis4
  • 6x more home modality starts5

Jeff Giullian, MD, MBA, recognizes the importance of comprehensive CKD education, and believes every patient deserves to be empowered through education to make better clinical decisions. Watch the video to learn more about how patients deserve the knowledge to make the best clinical lifestyle for their life.

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1Data represents early stage results of Kidney Smart class attendee data. Clinical metrics based on day 1 (first DaVita Tx given) from Aug 2014-July 2015 by the national Kidney Smart team.
2New to dialysis patients with a difference between their FDODE & FDODD of 0, 1, or 2 days.
3New to dialysis in-center patients who have an ideal access in place or in use on the day of the first DaVita treatment.
4Patients who were either employed part-time or full-time at start of dialysis (based on DaVita 2728 Data from January 2014-June 2015).
5New to dialysis patients who utilize a home dialysis modality on the day of the first DaVita treatment.