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Prevent Complications

Joanne Bargmen, MD, discusses managing complications of peritoneal dialysis (PD) in this informational webinar.

more functional in their activities of daily living, be able to go back to work, back to the lifestyle they had before dialysis."
– George Williams, MD, former Emergency Medicine physician and ESRD patient. Dr. Williams has been a peritoneal dialysis patient, a transplant recipient and an in-center dialysis patient, and is currently a DaVita home hemodialysis (HHD) patient.

Health benefits of more-frequent dialysis with home hemodialysis (HHD) or peritoneal dialysis (PD) generally include the following:

  • Greater feeling of well-being
  • Better control of fluids
  • Fewer medications
  • Better regulation of blood pressure and toxin build-up
  • Less fatigue and nausea

Lifestyle benefits:

  • Flexible treatment times that fit each patient’s work/family schedule
  • More-flexible diet
  • Solution for transportation issues to and from the center three times per week
  • Fewer travel complications
  • Increased independence

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Coming soon: Podcast of Mark Shapiro, MD, MBA, DaVita PD advisor, speaking at the National Home Dialysis Summit.

George Williams, MD, former Emergency Medicine physician and current ESRD patient, presents on the benefits of home hemodialysis.


life. It’s just a part of my lifestyle. I try to keep an open mind."
Lamon Caldwell, DaVita PD patient

"One advantage of PD is that I can be home and be myself. Also, PD has helped me maintain a healthy weight. Home dialysis hasn’t changed my

"I’m urging you, as a physician, please consider home dialysis for all of your patients. Your patients will feel better, they’ll become more productive citizens,


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