Do You Know Your ACOs?

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The Physicians' Guide to ACOs
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5 Things Kidney Patients Should Know About ACOs
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 ACO Alerts: 4 Tips to Prepare You for ACOs

True or False?

  • You have been told to sign up for your local hospital's ACO or stand to lose your referrals. This action will now preclude you from joining other ACOs.  false
  • A patient whose primary-care physician is in an ACO will be referred only to specialists and hospitals within the ACO network when necessary, rather than retaining the right to choose their own.  false


Robert Provenzano, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs, DaVita

I Am a Patient

Integrated care cannot change how we behave; only we can.


am a patient. Yes, and a physician; a brother, father, husband, grandfather, uncle, friend, neighbor, taxpayer and concerned citizen. What healthcare reform means to you means the same to me, or more. Maybe because as a physician I focus on it a little more than the average person, I have an additional responsibility to share my perspectives? Maybe a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, as the saying goes. Read more

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