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The DaVita Difference: A Shared Commitment to Patient Care

Top Benefits of a Joint Venture
Partnership with DaVita:


Four Reasons to Become a
DaVita Medical Director:


Interested in Joint Venture or
Medical Director Opportunities?

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What sets DaVita apart? Partnerships aligned with your professional goals, one-on-one clinical leadership support and assistance in navigating the changing healthcare landscape. It’s also the tools, resources and initiatives that help our physician partners achieve successful patient outcomes.


    ✓ Participate in the business and clinical aspects of
        operating a dialysis facility.
    ✓ Access industry-leading clinical initiatives and
        research to help drive quality patient care.
    ✓ Experience leadership on a local level.
    ✓ Join a seasoned joint venture partner with
        more than a decade of improved outcomes.*

    *DaVita clinical data 2000-2012 


  ✓ Be a leader in your facility and impact patient 
              care at a larger level.

    ✓ Grow your career.
    ✓ Enjoy autonomy.
    ✓ Access clinical tools, algorithms and protocols.


Complete the form above or email us at physicians@davita.com to learn more about the opportunities in your area.

David B. Van Wyck, MD, explains the DaVita difference in this one-minute video.

Whether you’re interested in a joint venture partnership or a medical director position, DaVita offers the support you need to help improve the quality of life for kidney patients